THE 411

You know the Drill, You know the Score...

01. Clublife

Here’s the deal. Our first party back in August was such a success people have been asking us to do it again, even bigger. So we’re taking you back in time to when music was perfect and going clubbing was actually fun. We’re bringing that feeling back for one night as we take you on a ride through the most electric 90s & 2000s club anthems.

02. An Incredible Venue

Revival Toronto has been around for over 2 decades serving as one one of the longest standing clubs in the city (considering the rate of condos!) With state of the art sound and lighting, and of course a spacious dancefloor – We’re all geared to provide you with the best nightclub experience possible. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party.

03. We're Worldwide

Here’s the deal. We over 60,000 subscribers from all over the world on our Youtube and more on other platforms.  Asusual, we’re going to be streaming our party for the first couple of hours just to show our friends in other countries the destination dancefloor. Come on down, grab a pair of glowsticks and let’s party.

04. High Energy Sounds

We’ve brought back the best DJs from our last party called I Love the 90s to expand on that incredible night and to unlock even more memories this time around from the 90s & 2000s. If you want good music, we’ve got you covered. It’s with good reason people have been asking us about our next event 🙂

05. Music Videos

Thankfully we’ve teamed up with XTENDAMIX ( provider of music videos for thousands of DJs around the world to help you get your video dance party in session with those fuzzy memories from the 90s & 2000s.

06. Giveaways

Glowsticks, T-Shirts, shot glasses, and high energy. You bet we’re going to give away some awesome stuff to take home so when you look them down the road, it’ll bring you back to this one special night. Make sure you follow us on all socials for any special contests leading up to the party.

We're going even Bigger

And you don't wanna miss it

Thank you to all who came out on August 20th  2022 for an incredible 90s party. Our first party was such a success we’ve been pushed to do it again but this time we’re going even bigger and bolder.

Started in 2013 Euro Nation has grown to be a destination for amazing 90s music week in and out. We do radio shows that air all around the world including in Canada, Spain, Ireland, Australia & more. With over 60,000 followers combined via Youtube and all social platforms we aim to rule the dancefloor and make you move. We invite you to come party with us and our fantastic DJs.


Venue Lights


Venue Speakers


Incredible DJs


live performance

The Lineup

Some of the best DJs in the city providing the best in 90s & 2000s club anthems alongside Juno award winning artist Simone Denny from Love inc.

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